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10 More Outright Lies the Church Tells To Imprison You—Part I

Why the Church Still Doesn’t Speak for GOD

Keith Michael
12 min readMar 20, 2022


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In the previous article, 10 Outright Lies the Church Tells To Imprison You, I covered some of the most egregious lies the Church has manufactured over the years to bully you into accepting their dogma and their Pagan beliefs, so they can control you through ignorance, lies, and fear.

It’s time to fight back.

In this article, I’m going cut deep and expose some of the more subtle lies the Church tells that literally have no basis in historical fact or Scripture, but are literally based on nothing more than the Church’s own manufactured—

LIE #10—Holy Tradition

Holy Tradition is the most powerful dogma within the Christian Church; it has the power to override everything, including: God, the Scriptures, science, natural law, even heliocentric solar systems. And make no mistake, BOTH the Catholic and Protestant churches practice their own brands of Holy Tradition with reckless abandon.

In case you don’t already know, “Holy Tradition” is that aspect of the Church’s beliefs where some ancient archbishop, cardinal, or pope made a decree, it got “accepted” by the Church as a whole, and then decades, centuries, or even millennia later some other group or pope decides to modify or change what the previous decree declared by “building on it” with their own take or an attempted correction.

However, because previous Church decrees are considered inerrant and infallible (the Church never makes any mistakes because everything the Church does is led by Jesus) they can’t just reverse course, so the first decree, the first lie if you will, becomes the foundation upon which the second lie gets built upon to further “clarify” what the first lie got dead wrong.

So an illogical, often moronic “holy tradition” gets built by the Church for no other…



Keith Michael

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