10 Outright Lies the Church Tells To Imprison You

Why The Church Does Not Speak For God

Keith Michael


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Have you ever caught someone in a lie? Found out that what they had told you wasn’t true or wasn’t entirely factual? Maybe it was a half-truth, what they told you was only partially true, but they held back from telling you everything because they wanted you to believe their side of the story.

Often times these lies are “believed” because they are couched within logical fallacies; that is, “facts” that seem true but really are not because they are supported by a fallacy argument.

In this article I detail a handful of lies the Church tells that are designed not to set you free, but to ensnare you in a bogus web of deceit.

LIE #10—Sex before marriage is a sin.

Nearly every Christian Church on the planet teaches that having sex outside of marriage is a sin in the eyes of God. The problem with this teaching is that it has zero Scriptural support. Yes, the Church can find mentions of people getting married; mentions of “adulteresses” and what to do with “women” found in the so-called “sin” of adultery (note that lecherous men aren’t held to any notable accountability).

But when it comes to actually getting married, oddly GOD is totally silent on the issue both within Torah (the Law) and within the Christian side of the Bible. (Note I said God is silent. Paul offers a few of his opinions, but Paul is not GOD.)

Likewise GOD is silent on the issue of polygamy as well. We see all kinds of polygamous marriages in the Bible, but by the time the Church rolls into town with its own bogus man-made traditions, you can now only marry one person. Did GOD change their minds?

The bottom line is that the Church simply adopted man-made tradition and then began preaching their adopted tradition as the “Word of God”. But it’s not the Word of God, it’s merely the Church’s cultural tradition.

LIE #9 — The Bible is



Keith Michael

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