This Was Your Life

Why Many Christian Pastors Will End Up In Hell

What Jesus Actually Taught About Forgiveness and Sin

Keith Michael
12 min readFeb 27, 2022
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Do you remember growing up and finding those little black comic-book-like tracts called “This Was Your Life”? The one I remember the most was the booklet featuring the successful businessman who is killed by the grim reaper, ostensibly because he is a rich successful booze-drinking, hot-car driving playboy. I guess the grim reaper took their time getting around to Hugh Hefner? He died at the early age of 91.

Apparently, it’s a sin to drink whiskey, drive a hot car, and be a successful businessperson—unless you’re giving most of your money to Jesus, then I guess it’s okay. At least this is what I thought as a little kid growing up being traumatized and indoctrinated by this little tract.

In any event, the sinner businessman is buried with the preacher eulogizing him as a “good man”.

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The poor guy is then resurrected and goes before God’s judgement throne. The angels show him a video of all of the evil bad things he did—things ALL of us have said or done at one time or another early or later in life, by the way. You know, really bad things: like telling his high school buddies a dirty story, cussing, looking lustfully some some hot girl (or God forbid it was another guy!), and basically all of the other petty things the Church claims will damn you to hell.

So at the end of the tract, because he left the church and didn’t believe in Jesus, because his name wasn’t found in “the Lamb’s Book of Life” (I guess God didn’t know about things like databases back then), God sends him to burn in hell for all of the rest of eternity. (That’s a really, really long time by the way. About 22 billion years from now when entropy or some other universal disaster overtakes everything. Just, pointing that out for reference.)

Here’s a link to this tract still being printed by this ministry in case you’re interested … it’s little more than nostalgia for me at this point.



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