Christianity’s Counterfeit Jesus

Why Jesus Left the Church

Does the Christian Church Really “Believe In” Jesus?

Keith Michael
13 min readSep 21, 2021


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There has been a quiet controversy brewing within the modern Church for many decades now, perhaps even the past few centuries. But only recently has the controversy been bubbling more and more to the surface within the Information Age. The Church tries to ignore it; even deny it when confronted. But unfortunately, historical facts are very stubborn little rascals that mainstream Christianity no longer has the luxury of ignoring.

What’s the controversy?

The issue is that there is more than one “Jesus” being presented within the pages of the Church’s Bible.

One is the “historical” Jewish Jesus. And the other is the “traditional” Pagan (ie. Gentile) Jesus.

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know which version of Jesus is the more authentic one.

Traditional vs. Historical

To understand how and why the early Church adopted a version of Jesus that wasn’t historically accurate, we need to forget what we know about the traditional Jesus the Church inaccurately taught us and return to the era in which Jesus and the Apostles and then later Church grew out of.



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