Why Christians Lie

Keith Michael
9 min readSep 14, 2021

How The Church Hides Its Darker Secrets

According to Christianity, Humanity’s “original sin”, if you will, is that Adam and Eve “disobeyed” God.

But this was NOT their first sin.

If we are to believe this part of the Genesis story, the very first sin of Adam and Eve was believing a lie.

“Well, that’s not really a ‘sin’, Keith, they were deliberately deceived.”

They were, and thank you for making my point.

You see, deception is a sin that requires YOU to make a CHOICE.

Choosing Fact or Fiction

We often make such choices when others are tying to deceive or lie to us, or just passing on unsubstantiated rumors themselves.

All too often the story of Adam and Eve is relayed to us in simple almost childish terms, as if the new adult couple were children, simple in their honesty and desires, and not mentally prepared for a slickly packaged deception by a smooth talking salesdemon.

As such, this “Christianized” version of the story is yet another lie, and one that makes the God of Creation into a simpleton who doesn’t know what they created; doesn’t know that their children will be subject to such trials; and doesn’t already know or see that “the enemy” has slithered into the garden to challenge the “faith” of their offspring.

In other words, our omnipotent Creator, knowing what will happen, sets up man to fail. On purpose. But you would never hear such a thing from any pulpit.

The story of Adam and Eve is often “packaged”, massaged, bent and twisted, so as to make an errant point about why Jesus needed come and die on the cross to save all of Humanity from the sin of—well, the woman. Yes, even today the patriarchal social fabric of 3,500 years ago is still alive and well, the guy gets a kind of pass because she’s the one who messed up first and then deceives him with her sin.

Sure, blame the girl.

Already the lies are beginning to stack up and we haven’t even left the first chapter of the Torah story yet.

So let’s unravel the tangled skein of lies so we can get to the truth, or as much of the truth can be learned from a parable.

Keith Michael

Having spent the better part of 40 years in the Church, I’m on a Crusade with millions of others being led by GOD to Reform the Church. KeithMichael.org