Christian Hypocrisy

Where Did GOD Come From?

One of Christianity’s Biggest Failures Is Answering This Crucial Question

Keith Michael
11 min readAug 22, 2022


The Helix Nebula or NGC 7293 in the constellation Aquarius. Image by Allexxandar via DepositPhotos.

Evangelicals love to get in the face of Agnostics (people have no set opinion about the existence of GOD) and especially Atheists (people who believe there is no GOD at all) with the seminal question they think will open and shut the door on every argument science has about Human existence, which is quite simply: “Where did the ‘Big Bang’ come from?”

Science doesn’t have a really good answer, and for good reason. It was an unbelievably long time ago and an unbelievably huge distance away.

I use the term “unbelievably” for a reason: Christians, both ancient and modern, don’t believe the science of modern Astronomy—just like the Church didn’t 600 years ago when it excommunicated Galileo and sentenced him to exile under pain of death.

Oh yes, Christians today say they believe in the heliocentric solar system because they were dragged kicking and screaming into this reality against the Church’s incompetent edicts 600 years ago, but only because God created it that way.

(Yes, I’m rolling my eyes. Thank you for noticing.)

The reason people in the Church are taught to not believe the science is because the Church has it in its minds that science and scientists are somehow “out to get them”. One need look no further than Copernican Astronomy and how Galileo embarrassed the Church’s leadership for their arrogant and misguided views about the heavens to see why.

The problem with the Church is not science. The problem with the Church is ITSELF, meaning its: 1) unholy tradition that it has embedded within itself, and 2) it’s unbridled arrogance in thinking and believing it’s unholy man-made traditions somehow originated with GOD.

The Church’s Unholy Adherence to Sola Scriptura



Keith Michael

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