Will The Real Jesus Please Stand

What If Jesus Really Isn’t Coming Back?

How Can GOD Forgive Without A Human Sacrifice?

Keith Michael
9 min readJan 7, 2022


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Some of us reading the title of this article might be thinking this is ludicrous—even apostasy! “Of course Jesus is coming soon!” How can you even be a Christian and not BELIEVE that Jesus is going to return in the clouds of glory with all of Heaven’s angels to resurrect the righteous dead and take all of us into Heaven? (Or whatever version of end-times nonsense your pet church has roped you into believing.)

However, for those of us who have recognized that the Christian Church has LIED to us over and over since Constantine took over Christianity in the 4th century, we have been deconstructing our faith in GOD. Meaning, we don’t just automatically believe anything the Church tells us anymore.

Not even the lie that Jesus was somehow a god.

While this might cause gasps of horror and even some heart attacks within the still orthodox Roman Catholic or Protestant Pagan (Gentile) Christian crowd, for those of us in the process of “deconstructing” the lies and half-truths the Church saddled us with, it’s not as big of deal of some of you might think.

Perhaps the overriding question is: Why does it matter that someone BELIEVE in whatever the Church told them to believe? Is GOD really that petty?

The truthful answer is NO. GOD is not petty and GOD doesn’t care what you believe or don’t believe—but the CHURCH does. And therein lies the biggest disconnect the petty Church has with the GOD it purports to represent and even worship.

Perhaps the bottom line is this: We don’t care what you think or believe about us; you and your Pagan Church have lied to us for the last time. Now we just want the truth, whatever that really is.

Does Jesus have to be “a god” for us to be forgiven?



Keith Michael

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