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The REAL Story Behind Cain and Abel

Who Re-wrote the LAW of GOD?

Keith Michael
19 min readDec 3, 2023


Cain killing Abel, marble relief on the facade of the Milan Cathedral, Duomo di Santa Maria Nascente, Milan, Lombardy, Italy | Image by zatletic via DepositPhotos

No one really knows who actually authored the Bible.

Outside of the books of Paul, which include Luke, a Gentile/Pagan follower of Paul (that is correct, Luke is the only non-Jewish author within the Bible), no one really knows who the real authors are. You and I are just supposed to assume that the ancient Priesthood and the Roman Catholic Church did an inerrant job of assembling the various books that make up this ostensibly holy tome.

But is the Bible really “holy”? Did GOD actually write it or to a lesser extent even dictate or inspire it? Are there human mistakes, I mean BIG ONES, in the Bible that both the Synagogue and the Church outright ignore?

The Church demands that God wrote the Bible, but they offer ZERO proof that this is the case. You’re just supposed to take the Church’s word for it.

“Not true, Keith! The Bible says that all scripture is God breathed… That is proof that the Bible is the Word of God.”

Not so fast. First, a source does not prove itself. The truth is established on the witness of two or three in Judaic tradition. “A” does not prove “A” because “A” says “A” is true. That is a logical fallacy.



Keith Michael

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