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Should You Tell Christians They’re Going To Hell?

Why it’s more important to exchange ideas instead of ignorance.

Keith Michael
8 min readOct 27, 2022


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As Halloween is almost upon us, once again we’re all getting fed the opinion that Christians should not be celebrating Halloween.


The typical response is, “because it’s a pagan celebration of the devil wrought from the pit of hell!” (Note the superfluous church drama added to an otherwise innocuous answer.)

According to these Christians, if you celebrate Halloween, or any other pagan holiday like, well, the Hibernal (winter) or Estival (summer) Solstice, or the Vernal (spring) or Autumnal (fall) Equinox, or any other holiday not officially recognized by the Roman Catholic or their pet Protestant Church, you’re going to hell. “These are PAGAN festivals,” it is typically emphasized, “dedicated to Satanic pagan gods!”

Oh really?

So does this mean you cannot celebrate Christmas or Easter as well?

“Wait, what?”

Christmas Is a Pagan Festival

What most Christians don’t know and what their Church never tells them is that Christmas is itself a PAGAN holy day (ie. holiday). One that was usurped, taken over by the Roman Catholic Church over a good many centuries, but circa the 3rd and 4th centuries is probably about when it happened.

Before the Roman Catholic Church and its Pagan (meaning “non-Jewish”) version of Christianity came to power under Constantine in the 3rd century, Roman Pagans celebrated Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, Latin for the “Birthday of the Invincible Sun” (god). It was a celebration occurring on December 25th, just after the Winter Solstice when the days would begin getting longer exemplifying the light overpowering the darkness.

Sound familiar?

This day was also popular for the celebration of another rising star in the Roman pantheon of favored gods and goddesses, Mithras.

The 4th century Roman Catholic Church also stole Dies Solis, or Sun’s Day, the 1st day of the week PAGAN (again not Jewish) worship day dedicated to the sun god and also used…



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