Exposing The Church’s Lies

Jesus Was Never The Reason For The Season

How the Church Paganized Christianity with a Counterfeit Jesus

Keith Michael
3 min readMar 29, 2024


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This Easter weekend, I want to give readers the opportunity to share an article that counters the Church’s incessant propaganda of Jesus dying for the sins of the world.

Jesus never once taught this. Nor did Jesus ever teach that he would become a human sacrifice to forgive anyone’s sin. Nor did Jesus ever teach that he was GOD. Nor did Jesus ever teach anyone to pray to himself.

Yet, Christianity believes and does all of these things.

So this Easter season, allow me to share a handful of articles I’ve written over the years that you can share with your friends both here on Medium and on other social media to help spread the historical truths and facts to counter the Church’s traditions of outright lies.

10 Outright Lies the Church Tells To Imprison You

A stunning list of things every Christian is taught to believe, but in reality have no Biblical nor historical basis in fact.



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