Jesus Is Not The Reason For The Season

Keith Michael
8 min readDec 21, 2021

Why Jesus Was Never IN Christmas To Begin With

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“It’s time to put Jesus back in Christmas!” we hear pastors preach and other people sharing such memes on social media, as if Jesus, Mary, and Joseph invented the whole idea of Christmas.

But, what your pastor isn’t telling you is that, well, Jesus was never in Christmas to begin with. The Church just sort of took it over. The reason for why they did so, will probably surprise if not shock you.

Just like the Roman Catholic Church, and later Protestant Christianity as well, attempted to “take over” marriage, an institution that was historically never the purview of religion or the Church from the outset, the early Church attempted to take over a number of other popular Roman celebrations as well.

Most notable are the days of weekly worship and Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Christmas season! The fun, the festivities, the lights, the music, even some of the religious tunes are still fun to listen to, if for no other reason than they are traditions I grew up with.

I’m simply here to tell you that “Santa Claus doesn’t exist.” Meaning, that Jesus isn’t the reason for the Christmas celebration. Not originally anyway.

I’m not saying don’t celebrate Christmas or any of that. I’m just not going to lie to you about “Keeping Christ in Christmas”.


Because Jesus was never IN Christmas to begin with.

A Brief Early History of “Christmas”

What the Church doesn’t want you to know, and in fact hides from you, LIES to you about, is that Jesus wasn’t really born on December 25th.

Yes, some churches will admit that the date of Jesus’ birth is actually unknown and that the Church chose the date of Dec. 25. What they usually won’t tell you is why Dec. 25 was so important.

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