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Why Christianity Does Not Know the Name of GOD

Keith Michael
18 min readDec 8, 2021


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Ask any Christian, pastor, theologian, or even many scholars today, “Who is God?” and you are likely to be met with a quick pat answer: “Jesus.”

Unfortunately, that is not who GOD is.

While the above sentence may come off as a shock and surprise to many an everyday Christian who now think I am some “hell-bound apostate preaching Satanic lies of heresy from the pit of hell!” No, I am not that either. Grow up. That kind of idiotic fear mongering doesn’t work in the 21st century. At least not with intelligent people anyway.

What I am is basically Jewish in my knowledge and understandings of GOD more than I am Pagan (Gentile) Roman Catholic.

Some people would call me a Messianic Christian, or a Jewish-Christian, or even a “Judaizer”. Judaizer is meant as a pejorative term used to try to demean (bully) someone into accepting their Pagan (Gentile) Roman Catholic views of Christian belief, or in this case their Pagan views of GOD.

“But, you’re denying the deity of Jesus Christ, Keith!”

Yea? So? So does every Jewish scholar on the planet. Get over it. Emotional quips like the one above are just attempts at…



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