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GOD Is Not Christian

Angels and miracles are not always who or what we think.

Keith Michael
8 min readNov 3, 2022


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This week I watched a video of a young lady describe how GOD had healed her of a painful disease. What can only be described as an angel appeared to her in her hospital room in the guise of one of the nurses. This “nurse” then prayed for her to be healed; and the next day this young lady was free of pain.

The physicians were stunned. It was literally a miracle.

GOD had sent an angel to heal her.

No, this young lady wasn’t a Christian. She was decidedly an Atheist. She didn’t believe in GOD; and she refused to “accept Jesus into her heart”, as they say. She was a partier, a drinker, drug user, promiscuous, both before and after her healing.

Yet GOD sent their angel to heal this person anyway.

Most of us would be asking why?

“She didn’t deserve it!” most of us as Christians would be saying, based on what the Church teaches us about God and sin.

After she’d been healed, this young woman searched for the “nurse” at the hospital, a tall, thin, black woman with an Islander accent; but no one who worked at this hospital knew of this lady. She literally did not work there.



Keith Michael

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