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Finally, The Death of Christianity

The Achilles Heel of the Christian Church is the Truth

Keith Michael
13 min readJul 27, 2022


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The Church is dying.

Everyone knows it. The Church knows it. Yet no one appears to have the power to stop it.


In recent years, for the first time ever, at least since such surveys have been taken, church-going Christians now number less than 50% of the US population.

Year after year, decade after decade, there comes poll after poll showing how our views and understandings of religion, specifically Christianity, are changing, evolving, becoming more enlightened. And with that enlightenment, people are leaving the Church.

In droves.

Note I didn’t say we were leaving GOD. NO. That is not the trend. Ironically, we are not leaving GOD. But we are leaving the CHURCH.

And the trend appears to be accelerating.

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Why the decline in church attendance?

I’ll tell exactly why in a moment; but the Church doesn’t want to acknowledge this truth.

To the indoctrinated (dare I say “deluded”) mind of the average Christian, the Church is perfect; it has no errors. The Bible is perfect! As such (the people in the Church reason), this decline in Church attendance, the decline in “Christian morality”, Gay marriage becoming legal, et. al., can only be because we are entering the “End Times” (yet again) as prophesied by the Bible’s book of Revelation!

So let me take a semi-tongue-in-cheek look at what this book of Revelation is all about.

The End Is Near!

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The book of Revelation is one of many “apocalypses”, hundreds of them actually, penned around the end of the first century by various Jewish and early Christian adherents who had a beef with the Romans moving in and taking…



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