Christianity’s Counterfeit Jesus, Part 1

How The Church Created Its Mythical Version of “Jesus”

Keith Michael


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In a previous article, Why Jesus Left the Church, I called out how and why the early Catholic Church created a NEW Jesus, one that did not actually exist. Some readers wanted to know what the REAL historical Jesus would have been like. To answer that question, I wrote this 3-part series which picks up where the above-mentioned article left off.

Paul of Tarsus—The Charlatan Apostle

Ask any Christian who their fave Apostle is within the Bible and 9 times out of 10 it will be Paul. In fact, whenever we have a doctrinal question, who is the first person most of us run to for an answer? Paul. The fact is, Paul is very popular within Christendom and for what may not be obvious reasons.

The oddity is that Paul encompasses most of the New Testament in terms of books. Out of the 27 books of the New Testament, fully HALF can be attributed to Paul and even more if you include books by Paul’s Pagan group, namely Luke, the unknown author of Hebrews, and the letters of Peter. (No, Peter did not write the books of Peter. See my aforementioned article.)

In fact, Paul is the de facto leader of the Christian Church within the Bible. It’s not Peter, Paul already read that dunce the riot act, and Peter backed down. (Or did he?) It’s not James, he’s way too Jewish, stuck on upholding the “Law of Sin and Death” which Paul says we don’t have to follow anymore. In fact, Paul is all-powerful within the Bible, having the power to literally override other Apostles, the Prophets, the words of Jesus, even dispense with the words of GOD.

But there is a darker side to Paul. One the Church deliberately hides from all of us—even from itself. The Church bends, twists, and massages the words of Paul so often in fact that entire books have been written about “what Paul really meant”.

But the Church has to massage and spin what Paul says; because the Church cannot bring itself to undo the LIE and admit that it’s supreme, dare I say only, Apostle, is a fraud, a charlatan, an interloper who never met Jesus and preached a version of Jesus that never, ever existed.

Paul’s Non-existent Credentials



Keith Michael

Having spent the better part of 40 years in the Church, I’m on a Crusade with millions of others being led by GOD to Reform the Church.