Beware of “Ravenous Wolves”: Jesus’ Prophesy of Paul

Keith Michael
22 min readDec 20, 2021

How Jesus Prophesied His Warning of the False Apostle

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This may be the first time that you have ever been exposed to the notion that Paul might not have been exactly who he says he was within the pages of the Bible.

After all, you believed your Church when they told you that God (effectively) wrote the Bible. You believed your church when they told you God put Paul into the Bible. You believed your Church’s spin when they told you that, “God has no reason to lie to you.”

This last excuse is an especially vacuous argument; the Church is always trying to drag GOD into THEIR lies. It’s the Church’s go-to logical fallacy to get you to shut up and believe whatever they tell you. But what they are really doing is attempting to erect a firewall excuse to bully you into submission.

“You’re questioning God if dare question the Church or the Bible!” is the ruse. But all it really is, is just a logical fallacy. The Church has nothing to prove that GOD ever instructed anyone to create a Bible nor what books to place within it. Except their own man-made tradition.

But it’s also an easy excuse to nuke. I guess all the Reformers were “questioning God” when then went against the ostensibly God-given edicts of the Roman Catholic Church and actually dropped entire books…



Keith Michael

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