9 Memes That Send Christians Into Conniptions

Keith Michael
8 min readJan 15, 2022

Use these pointed memes to get your Evangelical friends to think.

Meme by AZ Quotes

We all have them—those family and friends who still go to church and who think that you’re going to hell because you don’t.

Ironically, when they try to dialogue with you about what they believe, and you present facts that destroy their beliefs, for some reason they get angry at you for doing nothing more than pointing out the truth, meaning hard data and historical facts.

Over the years I’ve collected a boatload of various memes that I like to use when in chat conversations with folks trying to convince me that a lie is actually the truth.

Here is a small sample of my collection of the handful of exceptional memes that you can use to help enlighten your proselytizing judgmental evangelical peers.

False Knowledge

Meme by AZ Quotes

It seems every Christian on the planet thinks that just because they heard something preached in church that this is somehow reality. The reality is the Church doesn’t actually preach truth, it preaches half-truths, which is just another way of saying it preaches at best only a one-sided story and at worst an outright LIE.

Check out the below article for the difference between what the Church preaches and what the historical Jesus and Apostles actually preached.

Heretics & Apostates

Meme by Keith Michael

The go-to quip for Christians when confronted with the historical truth and facts is to start calling you nasty names in an attempt to bully you into thinking that GOD will somehow send you to hell for rejecting the lies of the Church.



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