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10 More Outright Lies the Church Tells To Imprison You—Part II

Why the Church Still Doesn’t Speak for GOD

Keith Michael
14 min readMar 20, 2022


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LIE #6 — The Jews Hated Jesus Because He was the Messiah

The Jewish people of Jesus’ day did not hate Jesus — but they did hate Paul. And the Church translates that hatred of Paul into, “The Jews hated the Gospel of Jesus!”

No. That is a lie.

So let’s unravel this tangled skein of Roman Catholic subterfuge.

The dirty little secret, the nuanced lie, the sleight of hand the Church implements is that you just assume Paul was preaching the same Gospel as what Jesus and later the Apostles had been preaching.

But that is yet another lie.

The fact is Paul was hated by the Jewish people of the first century because he was preaching a DIFFERENT Gospel than what Jesus and his hand-picked Super Apostles were preaching!

In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul refers to the Apostles as the hyper lian apostolos or “Super Apostles” in the NIV. The KJV calls them them the “chiefest apostles”. You get the idea; Paul is indeed talking about the hand-picked apostles of Jesus who are large and in-charge.

It is within 2 Corinthians 11 that Paul admits he is indeed preaching a different “Gospel”, a different “Jesus”, under a different “spirit” than that of the Super Apostles!


Yes, these are Paul’s own words.

What Christians are never told is that Jesus and his brother James were both members of a very prominent family with direct ties to the Temple Priesthood.

The Jews got hostile at Paul, and only Paul, because he had turned Jesus and the unfair execution of Jesus into his own brand of a Pagan god! Paul was preaching…



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